Lisbon International Airport (LIS)

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The Main Portugal Airport at a Glance

Lisbon Airport, officially known as Humberto Delgado Airport and commonly called after its previous name (Portela Airport), is the major aviation hub of Portugal and the one serving Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. The airport was initially called Lisbon International Airport or Portela Airport as it is located in the Portela region. However, in 2015 it was renamed after the great Portuguese politician Humberto Delgado. It is located within a 7-km/4.3-mile distance from the city center, being one of the few airports placed so close to the urban area.

LIS Airport handles flights from all over the world. Being listed among the largest and busiest airfields in Europe, the airport welcomed more than 28.2 million passengers in 2022, and almost reached its pre-covid passenger flow. In fact, it ranked 14th among all European airports in terms of passenger traffic. That being said, Lisbon Airport tends to get overcrowded. Moreover, it is a relatively old airport. Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that it has reached its maximum capacity. That’s the reason why the Portuguese government plans to build a new airport in Lisbon and expand the existing one to cope with the rising passenger traffic. Nevertheless, for the time being, no further action has been taken on this project.


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Airport Name: Lisbon Airport



Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Time Zone: Western European Time (GMT+1) 

Airport Map: Lisbon Airport at Google Maps

Lisbon Airport’s Layout

Nowadays, Lisbon Airport has 2 terminal buildings and 2 runways, along with a wide variety of restaurants, stores, and duty-free shops. A plan for a third terminal has been drawn up, yet never got off the ground.

Terminal 1 is the main LIS terminal, divided into 2 check-in halls, of which the older is dedicated to TAP Air Portugal, and the newest serves all the other air carriers. On the other hand, terminal 2 has 22 check-in desks and 15 gates and primarily handles low-cost flights. It hasn’t but the necessary facilities and amenities, along with a few shopping options. In general terms, it isn’t considered an overall passenger-friendly terminal. Its limited services as well as the terminal’s congestion are the two main factors that contribute to that fact.

LIS Airlines

LIS serves more than 57 airlines and 132 destinations. As a matter of fact, not only does Lisbon Airport handle flights from and to Europe, but it is also a key airport when it comes to flights from and to Brazil, the U.S., and Africa. Thus, it comes as no surprise that LIS Airport is a key hub for the Portugal flag air carrier (TAP Air Portugal), for Ryanair, and easyJet, as well as a focus city for White Airways, Azores Airlines, and euroAtlantic Airways.

Parking Facilities 

Lisbon Airport has adequate parking premises to serve its passengers’ needs. Verily, it features 4 car parks, overall lying within walking distance from T1. Still, the free airport shuttles connect the parking lots to the terminal as well. Hence, the P1 Premium Parking, the P2 Executive Parking, the P3 Low-cost Plus, and the P6 Classic Car Park are ideal for short stays, whereas the budget P3 also serves as a long-term parking facility.

Transit Options

The transit options from and to LIS Airport are various. Since it is located really close to downtown Lisbon, journeys from Lisbon Airport to the city center are short and aren’t regarded as tedious. Thus, you can travel from LIS via:

Services and Amenities

The main airport in Lisbon is fully equipped and provides all the anticipated services and amenities. Explicitly, LIS passengers can make full use of the following services:

  • Many retail options and Duty-free areas
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Baggage wrapping / Cleaning / Luggage storage
  • Meeting rooms / Business facilities
  • Pharmacies /Medical services
  • Banks / ATMs / Currency exchange areas
  • Family services / Childrens’ area
  • Lost & Found offices
  • Prayer room
  • Lounges / Spa facilities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Travel agencies and tour operators
  • Information kiosks
  • Special services and amenities for passengers with disabilities

Contact Info

Official Name: Humberto Delgado Airport


Address: Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa


Phone Number: + 351 218 413 500



The City of Lisbon

Lying along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is a unique assemblage of colors, mixed cultures, and impressive landmarks. Lisbon’s guests can’t help but fall for the city. After all, the Lisboetas’ warm welcome, the city’s culinary scene, its cultural richness but also its vibrant nightlife can charm even the most difficult crowd. On the other hand, and as if all those weren’t enough, Lisbon is surrounded by nearby coastal destinations, where visitors enjoy the sandy beaches and take in stunning ocean views.


Are there two airports in Lisbon?

Lisbon has only one airport, the Humberto Delgado Airport, located 7km from downtown Lisbon. However, as the airport can’t handle the growth of passenger traffic, a new aviation hub is planned to be constructed to serve the Lisbon area.

What is Lisbon’s main airport name?

The official name of Lisbon Airport is Humberto Delgado Airport. The airport took its name in 2015 as a tribute to the famous Portuguese politician, while its previous common naming was Portela Airport, after the name of its location area.

How busy is Lisbon Airport?

Lisbon Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe and is listed among the biggest and the most important airfields in the South European area. In 2019, the airport welcomed more than 31 million passengers, almost reaching its maximum capacity.

How far is Lisbon from the airport?

Lisbon Airport is only 7km away from Lisbon city center. Thus, it is one of the few airports lying in that proximity to the city center. The ride with a taxi or a car from LIS Airport to downtown Lisbon takes only 20 minutes.

How early should I arrive at Lisbon Airport?

A two-hour before the flight arrival at the airport is ideal if you want to check in stress-free and find your way unhurriedly through the airport. However, if your upcoming flight is international or your destination country isn’t a member of the Schengen Agreement, you should take into consideration that the passport control may even last half an hour. Therefore, in those cases, it is recommended to be at the airport three hours before the flight.

How many terminals does Lisbon Airport have?

Lisbon International Airport has two terminal buildings handling the upcoming and outgoing flights. A third terminal is expected to be added to the airport’s complex in the near future. 

What are the transportation options from Lisbon Airport?

Apart from convenient Lisbon airport taxis, lavish private airport transfers, and independent airport car rentals, Lisbon Airport is also connected to the city of Lisbon via public transportation. Thus, public buses and metro trains travel from Lisbon airport to city and other various destinations all over the Lisbon area.