Lisbon Airport Taxis

From Fares and Taxi Ranks to Useful Tips: your Guide to LIS Airport Taxis

Why Take a Lisbon Airport Taxi?

Although the LIS airport bus and subway are comfortable and considerably cheaper alternatives, Lisbon airport taxis are the most convenient, pleasant, and in the final analysis, the easiest way to travel from Portela Airport to your destination in Lisbon. If you are still wary of choosing a Lisbon airport taxi for your transfers, check out the upsides of traveling by taxi:

  • Lisbon taxis are considered relatively cheap, at least in comparison to other European capital taxis.
  • Lisbon airport taxis are always available outside both T1 and T2 of Portela Airport.
  • A taxi will drop you off right in front of your hotel’s doors.
  • It is by far the quickest transfer option from LIS Airport to Lisbon.

If you are tempted to opt for public transportation anyway, you should take the cons of this choice in mind as well. Thus, traveling via metro or bus entails carrying your luggage around while trying to find the airport bus stop or subway station, waiting for the next route’s departure time, and squeezing yourself into potentially overcrowded buses or carriages. Moreover, you may have your luggage totally exposed, and of course, you won’t travel worry-free as you’ll have to pay attention not to miss your stop. On top of that, and as if all this hassle wasn’t enough, finding the exact location of your accommodation from the disembarking spot could be challenging, especially in a first-time visited, new city.   

Lisbon Airport Taxi Fares and Prices

Lisbon airport taxis are metered. Hence, their final fare is formed by the taximeter, depending on the traversed distance and the waiting time. In fact, the charging rates are defined by the Portuguese government, and all taxi companies are subject to the legislated prices. 

If you want a clue about the estimated price of your transfer, you should take into account that a usual 20-minute ride from the airport to Lisbon downtown costs 10€-15€/10$-15$ including extra luggage fees. However, during the night shift (09:00 pm – 06:00 am ) and on weekends and public holidays, the fares are higher. Thus, the same ride costs around 18€/18$.

Our Tip: Although taxis operate on a metered basis, you can always negotiate a fixed fare with your taxi driver before your ride as long as you are certain about the approximate cost.


Taxi TariffInitial ChargeCharge per kmWaiting time
Urban Transfers (Tarifa 1) during the day3.25€/3.25$0.47€/0.47$14.80€-14.80$
Urban Transfers (Tarifa 1) during the night, on weekends and holidays


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Portela Airport Taxi Fares to Popular Destinations

On the other hand, if your journey end isn’t inside the Lisbon city limits, you can take a glimpse at the taxi fares to some of the most popular nearby destinations:


FromToDaytime PriceNighttime PriceDuration
Lisbon AirportLisbon City Center10€-15€/10$-15$18€/18$20 min
Lisbon AirportSete Rios Train Station8€/8$10€/10$11 min
Lisbon AirportOriente Train Station6€/6$8€/8$7 min
Lisbon AirportCais do Sodré

12€/12$14€/14$22 min
Lisbon AirportSintra35€/35$40€/40$30 min
Lisbon AirportCascais

40€/40$45€/45$38 min

Where is the Taxi Rank at Portela Airport?

The official taxi ranks are situated just outside the doors of both T1 and T2 of Lisbon Airport. Thus, you can easily locate the taxi stands following the airport’s relative signs. In any case, you should always take your cab from the designated taxi ranks to avoid getting scammed or overcharged by individual, unlicensed drivers who may approach you, offering “cheap” transfers to Lisbon. 

Our Tip: If your landing terminal is T2, please note that the baggage carousels as well as all the airport’s Arrivals areas are placed in T1. Thus, you’ll be transferred to T1 and you’ll have to take your taxi from there.

Airport Taxi from Lisbon Airport to Hotel

If you want to check in to your hotel stress-free and relaxed, you should settle on a Lisbon airport taxi. The 24/7 taxis are queuing up outside the airport terminals, on tap to offer premium, fast and convenient rides to the destination of your choice. Moreover, their cost is considered rather affordable, and if you are going to split the fare, it may end up at the same level as the LIS bus. 

Our Tip: Before deciding on the taxi option, you should always check if your hotel provides free airport transfers.

Tips & Tricks to Enjoy an Unwind LIS Airport Taxi Transfer

  • Once entering your cab, you should check that the taximeter is reset and set on.
  • At the end of the ride, ask for a receipt. All the driver’s data is written there. Hence, it will be handy in case you want to make an official complaint or if you have forgotten something in the vehicle.
  • Please always take your cab from the taxi ranks and avoid random individual drivers.
  • All the official Lisbon taxis are cream. Nevertheless, some have the old Lisbon taxi colors and are black with a green rooftop. In any case, no other vehicle apart from taxis is allowed to have these colors.
  • During rush hours or in the early mornings/late nights, you may have to wait in line for your taxi. If that is the case, a good solution is to head to the departure’s taxi rank. 
  • Most of the Lisbon taxi drivers can communicate satisfactorily in English. However, having your accommodation’s address written down is always a good idea to avoid miscommunication problems.
  • You can track the suggested route on your mobile’s GPS to be sure that the driver isn’t circling around the city to raise the final fare. 
  • If you are traveling outside Lisbon, you’ll also be charged for the toll fees and the return trip of the taxi driver.
  • Not all taxi drivers accept payments via bank cards. 
  • Moreover, they are obligated to give change for payments up to 20€/20$.
  • The charge for luggage (regardless of the number) is 1.60€/1.60$. The same fee applies to pets, while for a phone booking, you’ll have to pay an extra 0.80€/0.80$.
  • Strollers, wheelchairs, and guide dogs are out of charge.
  • Tipping isn’t obligatory.
  • If you need a vehicle suitable for people with mobility problems, you should make your reservation in advance or address the airport information desk.


Are there taxis at Lisbon Airport?

Lisbon airport taxis are always available at LIS Airport, no matter the day or time. However, during rush hours, there is usually a line at the taxi ranks. Moreover, in the early mornings or late at night, the number of taxis on tap is limited.

Do you tip taxis in Lisbon?

Tipping in Lisbon isn’t obligatory. However, customers who are satisfied with the provided services usually round up the final fee.

How much is a taxi from Lisbon Airport to the city center?

Portela Airport is only 7km away from Lisbon downtown. Thus, a taxi ride from LIS Airport to the city center lasts only 20 minutes and costs 10€-15€/10$-15$ during the day, while night rides and transfers on weekends and holidays cost 18€/18$.