Transportation from Lisbon Airport to Cascais

Transfer Options from Lisbon Airport to Cascais

If Cascais, with its beautiful beaches, the advanced tourist amenities, and the interesting sightseeing, sounds appealing to you, why not visit it as soon as you arrive at Lisbon International Airport? You can traverse the 37-km distance by a Lisbon airport taxi or use Lisbon public transportation for your airport transfer. However, in that case, you won’t find a direct option, but you’ll have to use the airport metro and change to the CP trains to Cascais at Cais do Sodre Station. Last but not least, private transfers and car rentals are also on tap at Portela Airport.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi40€40$38 min
Subway3.95€3.95$75 min

Lisbon Airport to Cascais by Taxi

Cream Lisbon airport taxis are lining up around the clock at the airport taxi stands, lying outside the two LIS terminals. Don’t be puzzled over observing some black taxis with green roofs too, as those are the previous taxi official colors. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t opt for any other vehicle or individual driver, as you may get scammed. 

After hiring your airport taxi, you’ll be good to go for your taxi journey to Cascais. Please note that during rush hours (especially during summer), the waiting line for a taxi can be really long. In that case, you should try your chances at the Departure’s taxi stand. Once entering your cab, make sure that the taximeter is on, as Lisbon taxis are metered. Although they are considered affordable for city rides, Tariff 3 or Tariff 5 applying to interurban transfers aren’t as budget. Thus, a taxi transfer from Portela Airport to Cascais should cost around 40€/40$ -including the luggage fare-, and last approximately 38 minutes. On the other hand, a 20% extra fee is charged for night rides (09:00 pm – 06:00 am), raising the price to 45€/45$, while apart from the luggage cost, you’ll have to pay an extra 1.60€/1.60$ if you have your pet with you. Still, wheelchairs, strollers, and guide dogs are out of charge.  

Our Tip 1: You should be prepared for “tricky” communication with your driver, as most Portuguese taxi drivers don’t speak English well or at all. 

Our Tip 2: Apart from the luggage fee, there is no extra cost for excess luggage. As long as you can put it in the trunk, you won’t be additionally charged.

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Lisbon Airport to Cascais by Metro and Train

The Lisbon subway is on tap for your transfer to Cascais. Running daily from 06:30 am to 01:00 am, the Red Metro Line leaves the airport subway station, located outside T1, every 6-10 minutes. However, it doesn’t reach Cais do Sodre. Thus, metro rides from Lisbon Airport to Cais do Sodre require a change to the Green Subway Line at Alameda Station. The subway journey lasts 35 minutes, including waiting time.

As far as the CP train rides to Cascais are concerned, you won’t face any difficulties in catching your train. Trains depart from the central train station every 12-30 minutes, from midnight to 11:30 pm, and get to Cascais in 40 minutes. Therefore, the total duration of your trip should be around 75 minutes. 

How much will your transfer cost?

The metro tickets cost 1.65€/1.65$ and are valid for 60-minutes public rides. The tickets can be used for multiple metro transfers, provided that you don’t exit the metro station in the meantime. The purchase of a Viva-Viagem card is necessary. The reusable and personal Viva-Viagem card is priced at 0.50€/0.50$. Nevertheless, when it comes to metro rides, you can also buy a 10.70€/10.70$ day ticket, which can be used for all Lisbon public transportation means, CP trains inclusive. On the other hand, if you charge your Viva-Viagem card with money, the metro ticket will cost you 1.47€/1.47$. Finally, with a Lisboa card, you can enjoy free rides both by metro and train.

On the other hand, a train ticket to Cascais is 2.30€/2.30$ and needs to be loaded into a Viva-Viagem card. The card must be empty, as it can be charged with only one type of ticket at a time. Alternatively, if you choose to load it with money, benefiting from the “Zapping” method (that is swipe and charge the card for every public transfer, provided it has sufficient credit), you’ll have to pay 1.95€/1.95$ for your CP train. Please keep in mind that children up to 3 years of age travel for free with the CP trains, while children 4-12 and seniors have a 50% discount. Furthermore, online bookings or seat reservations aren’t an option for these urban train routes.

Therefore, depending on the chosen ticket type, you’ll pay (besides the Viva-Viagem cost):

  • 3.95€/3.95$ if you buy ordinary tickets.
  • 3.42€/3.42$ if you load the card with cash.
  • 10.70€/10.70$, if you buy a 24-h ticket.

Our Tip 1: The metro is free for children up to 4 years old.

Our Tip 2: You can buy your metro ticket from the automatic vendors or the ticket offices of the airport subway station and the train tickets from the automatic vendors or the ticket offices of Cais do Sodre Railway Station.

Our Tip 3: You can also opt for an airport taxi ride to Cais do Sodre, costing about 12€-15€/12$-15$. In that way, you’ll probably keep the cost of your journey within limits and avoid a lot of hassle.

Car Rental from Lisbon Airport to Cascais 

A car rental is always a good idea for travelers who want to explore their destination at their own rhythm and pace. Hence, if you relate to those travelers and relish independence during your travels, you’ll find plenty of car rental companies at LIS Airport providing premium services and competitive fares. After choosing your rental car, you can drive to your destination either by using the fast A5 route (44 minutes) or the scenic N6, or the “Marginal” route (54 minutes). Nevertheless, if the traffic is hectic, the ride may last even longer, while all these options include toll fees.

If you go for the quick option, you’ll have to take the E1 highway before exiting to A5/IC15 towards Av. de Sintra για Alcabideche. After 19km, you’ll take the Exit to Cascais Centro/Amoreira/Abuxarda and enter Av. de Sintra. You’ll keep driving at Av. de Sintra, following the relative signs at the next 3 roundabouts. On the fourth, however, you’ll take the first Exit to R. Henrique Seixas and continue to Av. Costa Pinto. From that point, you’ll use the local roads to reach your exact journey’s end.

Private Airport Transfers from Lisbon Airport to Cascais

If you want to enjoy a relaxed, stress-free, and fast ride to Cascais after your flight to Lisbon Airport, a private airport transfer would be ideal for you. You can benefit from the intriguing deals offered by the various private transfer companies operating at LIS Airport and receive premium pick-up services, worry-free transfers, and so much more, depending on your preferences and the transfer agency of your choice.


How do I get from Lisbon Airport to Cascais?

If you want to reach Cascais after landing at Portela Airport, you can choose among the comfortable, fast, and direct airport taxis, elegant private transfers, or public transportation. CP trains run almost around the clock from Cais do Sodre to Cascais, with frequent itineraries. However, the airport isn’t directly connected to the train station, but you’ll have to take the airport metro, changing to the Green Subway Line at Alameda Station.

How do I get from Lisbon to Cascais by train?

When landing at LIS Airport, you’ll have to take the Red Metro Line, but you’ll have to change to the Green one at Alameda Station. After reaching Cais do Sodre, you’ll find the CP trains leaving every 12-30 minutes with Cascais as their destination. Their route lasts 40 minutes.

How much is a train ticket from Lisbon to Cascais?

A one-way ticket from Cais do Sodre in Lisbon to Cascais costs 2.30€/2.30$ for adult passengers and 1.15€/1.15$ for children aged 4 through 12 and seniors. Children up to 3 years of age travel for free. What’s more, a rechargeable Viva-Viagem card (0.50€/0.50$) must be purchased and loaded with the train tickets.