Flights from and to Lisbon Airport

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Flights to Lisbon Airport 

Lisbon Airport is the one and only airport in the Portuguese capital. Although a project for a new airport, which will be able to handle the growing air traffic flow to Lisbon is planned, for the time being, Humberto Delgado is the only aviation hub serving Lisbon and its nearby areas. Thus, LIS Airport welcomes numerous flights daily, departing from airports all over the world. Are you looking for cheap airline tickets? You are at the right place!


Do you want to keep track of the Lisbon flight schedule so as to be at the airport on time to pick up your loved ones? Now, you can arrive at the airport stress-free and avoid all the unnecessary waiting at the Arrivals area. How? By receiving real-time data about the arrivals at Lisbon Airport and planning your journey to the Lisbon aviation hub accordingly.

Flights from Lisbon Airport

If an air trip is in your plans, you’ll certainly find a convenient and even affordable flight from Lisbon Airport to your destination. Are you heading to another European city? Is your journey’s end located on another continent? No matter the destination, LIS Airport will be your gateway. Thus, all you have to do is explore your options and book your ticket at the best airfares!


Forget all about stressful and anxious check-ins at Lisbon Airport. Now, you can always be up to speed about every single change concerning the departures from Lisbon Airport. Delays and cancellations, estimated departure times, you can receive prompt updates about all the latest news on the LIS route network.


Lisbon Airport serves flights to and from all parts of the world. Hence, it houses various airlines, from international colossus and low-cost air carriers to local providers. In general terms, the vast majority of air carriers lie at the airport’s T1. T2, on the other hand, hosts all the low-cost airlines.