Lisbon Airport Shuttle Bus

Which Bus are you Going to Take?

Shuttles and Buses from and to Lisbon Airport​

Apart from the Red Metro Line, LIS Airport offers another public transport alternative, the bus. In fact, several urban buses operate at Portela Airport, offering adequate transfer services at affordable prices. Hence, you can choose the most suitable bus line to take you to your accommodation. 

Our Tip: Besides the above-mentioned options, Lisbon Airport offers door-to-door shuttle transfer services. For more info, please check the Coimbra website.

The Municipal Buses at Lisbon Airport

Carris urban buses are the cheapest yet most time-consuming alternative for your airport transfers. Four bus lines serve Portela Airport connecting it with different parts of the city. All the bus lines call at T1, at the Arrivals level.

  • Bus Line 705 (Oriente Station-Estação Roma-Areeiro Station): This bus line connects the two Lisbon stations, passing by the airport. It runs only on weekdays from 06:40 am to 08:10 pm with 15-minute intervals.
  • Bus line 722 (Portela-Pç. Londres): This bus route handles transfers from Portela to Lisbon. The bus stops at the airport every 20-30 minutes, from 06:40 am to 08:45 on weekdays and from 07:30 am to 08:45 pm on weekends.
  • Bus Line 744 (Moscavide (Qta. Laranjeiras)-Restauradores): Bus 744 links Lisbon Airport to the city center every day from 06:20 am to 09:35 pm and from 6:20 am to 09:25 pm on Saturdays. On Sundays, it runs from 07:10 am to 09:20 pm. The routes’ frequency is 15-20 during the week, but on weekends, itineraries are scarcer.
  • Bus Line 783 (Prior Velho-Amoreiras (C. Commercial): The bus heading to Amoreiras Shopping Mall leaves the airport every 25-30 minutes from 06:35 am to 11:45 pm only on weekdays.

Our Tip 1: Bus Line 208 passes through Portela Airport, handling only night rides. However, its routes are very rare.

Our Tip 2: The urban buses are only recommended if you are traveling light, as you are allowed to take on board specific-size luggage (50 x 40 x 20cm). Moreover, you should keep in mind that their itineraries aren’t always credible.  

Where is the Bus Stop at Lisbon Airport?

The airport bus stop is located at T1, just outside the arrivals. As LIS signage is adequate, you won’t face any difficulties in reaching the bus stop. On the other hand, T2 isn’t connected to the city center by bus.

Bus Tickets from Humberto Delgado Airport 

The price for a bus ticket is 1.65€/1.65$ and is valid for 60-minute transfers by metro, tram, and Carris bus. Please note that you can use it for one metro journey, meaning that you can change as many metro lines as you want, but you can’t exit the metro station. Alternatively, bus tickets are available onboard yet cost 2€/2$ for a one-way trip. Finally, if public transportation is your preferred way of travel, you can opt for a 24-hour ticket, valid for bus, tram, and subway, and priced at 6.60€/6.60$.

All types of tickets (exempt the bought-on-bus tickets) must be loaded into a rechargeable card, a Viva-Viagem card, costing 0.50€/0.50$. The card is strictly personal and can be re-used constantly for a year after its purchase time. Moreover, a Viva-Viagem card can be charged with money. In that case (the famous Lisbon “Zapping” system), every time you take a public means of transfer you must validate your card, spending the loaded amount of money. The minimum loaded sum is 3€/3$ and the maximum 40€/40$, while a Carris bus ticket costs 1.47€/1.47$.

On the other hand, if sightseeing is your passion and you are planning on visiting all Lisbon attractions, the Lisboa card would be more of your interest. Available for a 24/48/72 period of time, it gives you free access to the most popular museums and places of interest, along with free public transfers.

Tickets and cards are available at the airport automatic machines and the ticket offices of the subway station or onboard. Please note that children under the age of 4 don’t have to pay for their tickets.

Our Tip: If you intend to use the CP trains to reach your final destination, you should purchase a 24-hour ticket valid for those trains as well, at a price of 10.70€/10.70$.


How much is the airport bus in Lisbon?

A simple one-way bus ticket from LIS Airport to the city center costs 1.65€/1.65$ if pre-purchased and loaded on a Viva-Viagem card (costing 0.50€/0.50$). On the other hand, if you buy your bus ticket onboard, its price will be 2€/2$. 

How do you buy bus tickets in Lisbon Airport?

Tickets for the Carris urban buses are available onboard or via the automatic vendors and the ticket kiosks of the airport subway station. Nevertheless, they are costlier when bought inside the bus.