How to Get from Lisbon Airport to City Center

Transit Options from Lisbon Airport to City Center

What is exceptionally convenient concerning Lisbon Airport is the fact that it is located almost inside the city limits. Placed only 7km/4.3 miles from Lisbon downtown, Portela Airport is so close to the city that you can forget all about long and tiring rides to your accommodation. Thus, depending on your preferences and budget, you can pick one of the following options for your ride from Lisbon Airport to the city center: the comfortable Lisbon airport taxis, the luxurious private airport transfers, and the autonomous car hires are undoubtedly the most convenient options whereas journeys via subway or buses are widely preferred by passengers traveling on a budget.


OptionsPrice (€)Price ($)Duration
Taxi10€ - 15€ 10$ - 15$ 20 min
Bus1.65€ - 2€1.65$ - 2$35 min
Metro1.65€1.65$30 min

How to Get from Lisbon Airport to City Center by Taxi

The cream or black with a green rooftop Lisbon airport taxis are lining up just outside the T1 and T2 doors, providing fast and reliable transfers from Lisbon Airport to downtown. Under normal traffic conditions, this 7-km/4.3-mile ride lasts approximately 20 minutes and costs 10€-15€/10$-15$ during the day and 18€/18$ from 09:00 pm to 06:00 am, as well as on public holidays and during weekends. The price includes luggage fees (1.60€/1.60$), but no other extra charges. Hence, if you are traveling with your pet, you’ll have to pay an extra 1.60€/1.60$ for your little friend. On the other hand, strollers, guide dogs, and wheelchairs aren’t charged, and passengers aren’t obligated to pay an extra cost for excessive luggage as long as it fits the vehicle’s trunk. 

Our Tip 1: Most Lisbon taxi drivers don’t speak English. Thus, if you are planning to use a taxi for your ride from Lisbon Airport to the city center, it is always recommended to have your hotel’s address written down. 

Our Tip 2: You should take your cab from the official taxi ranks and never trust individual drivers who are probably going to overcharge you. Moreover, you should check that the taximeter is on as soon as you enter the cab, and ask for a receipt at the end of the ride. 

Our Tip 3: T2 has a taxi stand as well. Nevertheless, the LIS baggage claim area is located at T1. Thus, once you collect your luggage, you’ll have to reach T1 and catch your taxi from there. Is the taxi rank at Arrivals of T1 crowded? Waste no time at the airport by heading to the one lying at T1’s Departures.

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Lisbon Airport to City Center by Bus

Four urban buses leave Portela Airport heading to Lisbon. Hence, they can drive you directly to your accommodation, provided it is located in Lisbon downtown but not in the actual historic city area. Thus, if you want to reach Marquês de Pombal, adjacent to the famous Avenida da Liberdade, you can opt for Buses 744 or 783 that call at the airport bus stop outside T1 Arrivals, and disembark at the homonymous bus stop. Carris Bus 744 runs daily from 06:20 am to 09:35 pm, on Saturdays from 06:20 am to 09:25 pm, and on Sundays from 07:10 am to 09:20 pm with 15-20-minute intervals (on weekends, the routes are scarcer). On the other hand, Bus 783 runs only on weekdays, from 06:35 am to 11:45 pm, every 25-30 minutes. 

A combined bus and metro ticket for your journey from Lisbon Airport to the city center costs 1.65€/1.65$ and is valid for 1 hour, while a 24-hour ticket for all public transport is 6.60€/6.60$. However, firstly, you have to buy a strictly personal Viva-Viagem card, costing 0.50€/0.50$, and load it with your tickets. Viva-Viagem can also be loaded with money and be charged every time you use a public transport mode (Lisbon’s “Zapping” system). However, it can’t be loaded with less than 3€/3$ and more than 40€/40$. In this case, the ticket price for your bus ride will be 1.47€/1.47$. Tickets are available via the automatic machines and the ticket offices, lying at the subway station. Last but not least, you can simply get your bus ticket on board without buying a Viva card, priced at 2€/2$. Please note that children younger than 4 years of age don’t have to pay for a ticket.

Our Tip 1: If you intend to use Lisbon’s public transportation a lot and also plan on visiting most of Lisbon sightseeing, you can opt for a Lisboa card, offering free admission to a vast majority of the city attractions along with free public rides.

Our Tip 2: The urban buses aren’t recommended if you travel with lots of baggage, as you can only carry on board 50 x 40 x 20cm pieces of luggage, as well as if you are in a hurry, as their timetables aren’t reliable. 

Our Tip 3: During the night, the Urban Bus 208 connects LIS Airport to Cais Sodré. However, its routes are far from frequent. 

Lisbon Airport to City Center by Metro

Unfortunately, the metro ride from Lisbon Airport to downtown isn’t direct. Thus, if you want to reach Cais do Sodre via subway, you have to take the Airport Red Metro Line from the metro station situated at T1 Arrivals, on the southern terminal’s side. After 9 stops, you should change to Green Line at Alameda Station before finally disembarking at Cais do Sodre Station after 6 stops. The entire duration of your journey shouldn’t exceed 30-35 minutes, including waiting time (Lisbon subway operates daily from 06:30 am to 01:00 am and the Red Line runs every 6-10 minutes). 

A single ticket for the metro is 1.65€/1.65$ and is valid for unlimited public transfers within a 60-minute period of time. However, you can use it only for one metro journey, meaning that you can’t exit the metro station in the meantime. Alternatively, the 6.60€/6.60$ day ticket offers unlimited bus, tram, and metro transfers for 24h. Please note that those tickets must be loaded in a Viva-Viagem card (0.50€/0.50$). Moreover, the Zapping option can also be used for the metro. Thus, you can load the card with money and swipe it for every public transfer. The Viva-Viagem card must be swept twice when used for subway transfers: once when entering the departure station and once when exiting the final station. Finally, the Lisboa card applies to the Lisbon subway as well.

Metro tickets can be bought through the airport station’s automatic machines and ticket kiosks.

Our Tip 1: Children under the age of 4 travel for free.

Our Tip 2: Metro is probably not a good idea if you are traveling with lots of luggage, as there is no designated storage area.

Our Tip 3: Each of the Lisbon metro stations is elegantly decorated in a completely different way and style, being a real city attraction.

Car Rental from Lisbon Airport to City Center

If you are a “DIY” type of person, a Lisbon car rental should be your number one transit option from Lisbon Airport to downtown. LIS Airport provides its passengers with various car hire options. Hence, you won’t have difficulty discovering the right deal for you. As soon as you put in the key to the airport rental car of your choice, you can start your journey to the city center. When exiting the airport complex, you’ll follow Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas until reaching Av. Alm. Gago Coutinho. After 2.5km, you’ll take the roundabout’s Exit 4, continuing to Av. Alm. Reis heading to R. Alves Torgo. Afterward, you’ll keep driving to Rua de Arroios and continue to Rua de Arroios, Paço da Rainha, and Largo Mitelo before reaching your destination.

You should expect a 20-minute ride from Lisbon Airport to the city center. Nevertheless, during peak hours, rides tend to last longer. Please bear in mind that the streets in Lisbon’s city center are narrow. Moreover, downtown Lisbon is hilly, while buses and trams make driving even more challenging. As far as parking is concerned, most of the parking spaces in the city center are dedicated to residents. Paid street parking is an option, yet the parking spots are few and come with a time limit. On the other hand, various private car parks are scattered around the city.

Private Airport Transfers from Lisbon Airport to City Center

If you like to be served and helped and have set luxury and comfort as priorities during your stay in Lisbon, you should definitely settle on a Lisbon airport private transfer. In that way, you’ll travel from Lisbon Airport to the city center in the most relaxed way. Verily, you’ll avoid all the hassles, delays, and large crowds found at most major airports -LIS Airport is no exception- and enjoy premium rides from Lisbon Airport to downtown, welcome services, useful insight into the famous and also on the less known Lisbon attractions, and many more side amenities and products.


How far is Lisbon Airport from the city center?

Lisbon Airport is basically located inside the city limits, within a 7-km/4.3-mile distance from Lisbon downtown. Thus, a taxi ride from Lisbon Airport to the city center lasts about 20 minutes, depending on traffic, while public transportation means (bus and metro) take 30-35 minutes to reach the heart of the city.

How to get from Lisbon Airport to city centre?

After defining your needs and, of course, your budget, you can choose between a fast and comfortable airport taxi, a private airport transfer, or even a car rental for your transfer from Lisbon Airport to downtown. On the other hand, the public Carris buses offer affordable rides to Lisbon, whereas the efficient Lisbon subway provides cheap but indirect journeys to the heart of the city.

How much is the taxi fare from Lisbon Airport to city center Lisbon?

Lisbon taxis are metered. Therefore, their price is formed by the taximeter, based on the traversed distance and the ride’s duration. Nevertheless, a usual 20-minute taxi trip from Lisbon Airport to downtown costs 10€-15€/10$-15$ during the day and 18€/18$ during the night or on weekends and public holidays.