Lisbon Airport Terminals

An Overview of the Two Terminals of Lisbon International Airport

The Two Terminal Buildings Forming the LIS Complex

LIS airport’s passenger traffic is split between two terminal buildings, situated a 1 km distance from each other. In general terms, terminal 1 is the major terminal of the airport, housing the vast majority of services and amenities and handling the bulk of flights, while T2 shelters the low-cost air carriers.

The Terminal 1 of Lisbon Airport

LIS terminal 1 is definitely the leading terminal of Lisbon Airport. In fact, it handles all international and domestic flights, equipped with 100 check-in counters and 29 gates. T1 is spread into two levels.

The first level hosts the Arrivals. Please note that this is the one and only Arrivals area of the airport, serving both terminals. Thus, even if you are landing at terminal 2 and your plane is parked right in front of the T2 building, you’ll have to travel by bus to T1 to collect your baggage, finish the necessary procedures and leave the airport. Overall, apart from the carousels, the info desks, etc, the car rental offices are also to be found at the Arrivals of T1, while the parking facilities are accessed by this level.

On the other hand, the second level is dedicated to Departures. Divided into two sections, the Public zone houses the security check and some dining and shopping options, whereas the boarding gates, the LIS shopping and dining center, and the immigration counter lie in the Restricted zone.

The Terminal 2 of LIS Airport

LIS terminal 2 is a much smaller terminal with significantly fewer provided services. Although it was constructed in 2007 to accommodate domestic flights, it ended up serving all the low-cost airlines. However, as its initial purpose was much different, passengers departing from T2 of Lisbon Airport often find the entire traveling experience inadequate and confusing.

Hence, nowadays, T2 is the terminal housing all the low-cost air carriers. Blue Air, EasyJet, Norwegian, Ryanair, Transavia, and Wizz Air are the main and most important air companies operating at T2. T2 is, as it is already said, a small terminal with only 21 check-in desks and 15 gates. It has only one level, serving the Departures, while all the Arrivals are handled by T1. Moreover, customs are also to be found in T1. Thus, even if you are flying from T2, you’ll have to pass through customs at T1, take the free airport shuttle bus to T2 and continue the necessary steps to board the plane there. Therefore, if you have a stopover at Lisbon Airport and your next flight leaves from T2, you should have plenty of time ahead of you to make sure you won’t miss your next flight.

In any case, the differences between the two terminals are huge. T1 has a Departures and Arrivals area and offers many services and amenities to passengers. On the contrary, in reality, T2 isn’t but two large halls sheltering the low-cost Departures as well as scant shops, dining options, and amenities limited to the basic and absolutely necessary ones. 

Our Tip: You should keep in mind that in Portugal, the immigration check takes place right before boarding. Thus, you should plan your waiting time at the airport accordingly to have enough time for immigration control.

Transfer Between Terminals

Although the two terminals are located 1km from each other, transferring from T1 to T2 and vice versa is only possible via the free airport shuttle bus. The airport shuttle runs from 03:30 am to 1:30 am at a 10-minute frequency and needs 3 minutes to traverse this distance. Thus, if you are flying from T2, you’ll have to reach T1, pass through customs and take the bus to T2 to complete your check-in process and board the plane. 

Our Tip 1: The free shuttle bus may leave every 10 minutes, but most of the time, the driver waits until it is full, reducing, in that way, the bus frequency and raising the relevant waiting time.

Our Tip 2: The only way to reach T2 is via the free shuttle bus or a taxi, as it isn’t connected to T1 or the city center by any other transportation mode.


Are there different terminals in Lisbon Airport?

Lisbon Airport has two terminal buildings, with terminal 1 handling the majority of flights (international and domestic), and T2 serving only the low-cost air carriers.

How do I get from terminal 2 to terminal 1 at Lisbon?

The airport free shuttle bus handles the transfers between terminals in Lisbon Airport. Hence, as all the airport’s Arrivals along with the customs are sheltered in T1, if you have an outbound flight in T2, the airport bus is a one-way street to reach your destination.