Lisbon Airport Transfers

For Top Transfer Services, LIS Airport Transfers are a One-Way Street

Lisbon Airport Transfers: the Definition

Do you know what exactly a Lisbon airport transfer stands for? In other words, which are the provided services that distinguish a private transfer from an original taxi ride?

To start with, when booking a private airport taxi, a driver takes over your transfer. Thus, as soon as you collect your baggage at LIS Airport, you’ll find your personal driver waiting at the T1 Arrivals area, on tap to help you with your luggage and show you the way to the taxi vehicle waiting just outside the terminal’s doors. Once entering the cab, you’ll be driven to your desired location without intermediate stops, hidden charges, or the fear of getting scammed.

Thus, it is undeniable that passengers who value convenience and comfort for their transfers will find everything they are looking for at a private Lisbon airport taxi. Even though being costlier than the typical taxi fares, private transfers totally justify their price. What’s more, if you are traveling with a company and splitting the fee is an option, then a private transfer may cost you as much as the Lisbon airport bus.

Airport Transfers from Lisbon Airport: the Top Pluses

Are you a “list-lover” and want to go through all the pros of an airport transfer from Lisbon International Airport? Check out all the benefits you can receive from a private airport taxi ride:

Convenience when Landing at Lisbon Airport

When opting for an ordinary airport taxi or Lisbon public transportation, you have to find your way around the airport as soon as you get off the plane and retrieve your luggage. However, if you book a Lisbon airport transfer, your driver will be waiting for you after the baggage carousels.

Moreover, finding your way to the metro station, the bus stop, or the taxi rank can be even more tiring when carrying heavy luggage all the way. An airport transfer from LIS makes your life easier, as your driver will assist you with your personal items while leading you to the reserved vehicle of your choice.

Save Time from your Lisbon Airport Transfer

Why waste your precious time waiting for the next bus or metro or getting stuck in a potentially huge line for an ordinary airport taxi? With a Lisbon airport transfer, your private taxi will be waiting just outside the Arrivals hall. Thus,  after getting off the plane, you have to collect your luggage, exit the airport doors and enter your booked vehicle. As simple as that!

Comfort and Safety for your Airport Transfer from LIS

Efficient as it may be, Lisbon’s public transportation can become tedious. Trains and buses often get jam-packed, resulting in overcrowded and dangerous transfers as passengers are exposed to pickpockets. On the other hand, a private airport transfer guarantees the safety of your personal belongings, which will be securely stored in the vehicle’s trunk.

Proximity from your Journey’s End

Finding the closest-to-your-accommodation bus stop or train station can be tricky. What’s more, while traveling via public transportation, you have to constantly pay attention so that you don’t miss your final stop. Besides that, the disembarking point may not be adjacent to your accommodation, leading to an overall more tiring and time-consuming transfer from Lisbon Airport. On the contrary, Lisbon airport transfers provide exclusively door-to-door services. Hence, your private taxi will drop you off at the exact location of your hotel in Lisbon.

Top of the Top Drivers

Unfortunately, the majority of taxi drivers in Lisbon don’t speak English. Thus, miscommunication problems are a common fact when it comes to Lisbon taxi rides. The drivers hired by Lisbon airport private transfer companies, however, are carefully chosen. They are highly experienced, and they can speak English fluently. Additionally, they are locally acquainted and eager to provide you with useful tips about your stay in Lisbon.

Value-for-money Services

The price of an ordinary taxi is slightly more affordable. However, as Lisbon taxis are metered, the risk of getting scammed and ending up paying an even higher fee is always present. When booking your Lisbon airport transfer, the price for the ride is predetermined, and you don’t have to pay anything more than the agreed cost. What’s more, as plenty of private transfer companies operate at Portela Airport, the fares tend to be competitive.

Lisbon Airport Transfer Fares and Prices

Private airport transfers from Lisbon Airport are slightly costlier than ordinary taxis. However, to put it all together, the provided services totally justify the extra cost, making private airport transfers a value-for-money option. Moreover, Lisbon taxis are metered. Thus, transfers from LIS Airport to the city center don’t come with a set price. As a result, factors such as heavy traffic levels can abruptly raise prices, while scamming incidents by local drivers always remain a possibility. Hence, a Lisbon airport transfer -with its fixed, prepaid tariff- saves you from the stress of getting overcharged.

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  • Local English-speaking drivers
  • Flat, pre-paid fee
  • Flight monitoring for delays
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Lisbon Airport Transfer to Hotel

If you want to enjoy the most unwinding ride from Lisbon Airport to your hotel, a private transfer from the airport should definitely be your first choice. Convenience, comfort, safety, and premium services are some of the benefits of booking a Lisbon airport transfer to your accommodation. However, to come up with the most cost effecting solution, you should first check if your hotel offers free transport from the airport.


What is a private airport transfer?

A private airport transfer is a booked-in advance transfer that offers premium services at slightly higher prices than ordinary taxis. Thus, besides the airport ride to the city center, a private transfer company offers welcome services, impressive fleets of well-maintained vehicles of all categories, experienced and locally knowledgeable drivers, set prices, and even tours and other amenities, depending on the booking agreement.

How much are airport transfers?

In general terms, private airport transfers are more expensive than the usual taxi rides. However, as Portela Airport is located relatively close to downtown Lisbon and Lisbon taxis are considered cheap anyway, you’ll find out that the prices are affordable overall.