Lisbon Airport Metro

All the Useful Info about LIS Airport Metro Services

Portela Airport Metro Line

The Lisbon metro network, constructed in 1959, is considered efficient, and passengers seem to prefer it for their urban transfers thanks to its speed and its low prices. Divided into 4 color-named lines, the Lisbon subway serves Lisbon International Airport, with the Red Line departing from LIS and heading to São Sebastião Station in Lisbon. 

Our Tip 1: The subway network of Lisbon consists of 55 different stations scattered around the city. Each station is decorated uniquely with a completely different style and design. Thus, besides being quick and affordable, traveling via the metro is worth even only for visiting each one of them.

Our Tip 2: Unfortunately, the metro doesn’t have a designated luggage storage space. Hence, if you are traveling with lots of baggage, it is recommended to choose another transfer option, especially during rush hours. 

The Red Metro Line’s Time Schedule from LIS Airport

The Red Metro Line, like all the subway lines in Lisbon, operates daily from 06:30 am to 01:00 am. The airport subway schedule doesn’t differentiate even on weekends and public holidays. Hence, trains leave the airport metro station every 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the time of the day, and travel from Lisbon Airport to the city center in about 20 minutes.

The Metro Station at Lisbon Airport

The LIS Metro Station is located at T1. In fact, it is to be found on the terminal’s south side, on the Arrivals level. Thus, T2 isn’t connected directly to the city center via subway, but passengers wishing to reach the smaller Lisbon terminal must take the free airport shuttle bus to transfer between terminals. However, as the airport’s Arrivals area is placed in T1, passengers landing at T2 are transferred to T1 anyway.

How Much do the Metro Tickets Cost from Lisbon Airport?

Although the public transportation system of Lisbon is divided into 2 zones, your area of interest is probably zone 1, which includes all the popular Lisbon destinations along with the Portela Airport. 

To begin with, to use the Lisbon subway, you have to buy a rechargeable Viva-Viagem card and load it with tickets, regardless of type or cost. Alternatively, you can charge it with money (for “Zapping” transfers). The Viva-Viagem card costs only 0.50€/0.50$ and can be reloaded unlimitedly until its expiration date (one year after the purchase). Please note that this card is personal and cannot be used by multiple users and that you must scan your card twice, once entering the metro station and also when exiting the disembarking station. 

After buying the Viva-Viagem card, you have to load it. You’ll find plenty of ticket types, so you should opt for the one that best suits you. Thus, if you load the card with cash, a single metro ticket is 1.47€/1.47$. On the other hand, if you intend to use public means of transport a lot, you should load your card with a 24-h ticket costing 6.60€/6.60$, valid for both bus, tram, and subway. Finally, if you are going to leave Lisbon and travel to the nearby areas, you can also opt for the 10.70€/10.70$ day (24-h) ticket, which can be used for CP trains as well. 

The metro tickets and the Viva-Viagem card are available either through automatic machines or ticket offices. However, as the ticket desks tend to be crowded, using automatic vendors is usually a good idea.

Our Tip 1: Another ticket option is the one providing unlimited 60-minute transfers both by metro (for one journey, that is, as long as you don’t exit the station) or via tram and bus. This ticket is 1.65€/1.65$.

Our Tip 2: Children up to 4 years old travel for free.  

If you want to learn more, take a look at the official Lisbon metro website

Viva-Viagem or Lisboa Card?

Apart from Viva-Viagem, Lisboa Card is another alternative offering free public transportation in Lisbon. Lisboa card is a 24h/48h/72h card that provides free metro/train/bus/tram/lift transfers for one, two, or three days respectively. However, its main advantage is the free entrance to the majority of Lisbon attractions. Thus, if you intend to fling yourself into sightseeing, a Lisboa card is definitely the right option for you.

Is there a Train Station at Portela Airport?

Portela Airport doesn’t have a train station. Therefore, if you want to reach Lisbon downtown via train, you can only use the subway. However, if your journey’s end isn’t in Lisbon and you have to take the train to get to your destination, you can hop on the Red Metro Line or take the bus (of course, a much slower option) and head to Oriente Station, located 10 minutes away by subway. Oriente Station is a major railway hub, serving both regional and intercity train rides and international transfers.  

For more info, you can visit the official CP website.


What metro stop is Lisbon Airport?

The metro stop at Lisbon Airport is located in the south area of T1, on the Arrivals level. Thus, after collecting your baggage (the Arrivals area for both terminals is located at T1), you won’t find any difficulties in following the signs to the airport subway station.

How much is a metro ticket from Lisbon Airport?

After buying a Viva-Viagem rechargeable card, costing 0.50€/0.50$, you’ll have to load it. Depending on your intentions and the frequency of your public transportation transfers, you can either buy a single metro ticket (1.47€/1.47$ or a 24-h pass priced at 10.70€10.70$).